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Ep 1 A Familiar Road

Paper Dragons: The Jewel of Mika Episode 1: A Familiar Road This is the first episode of the Paper Dragons Podcast. This is a real play Dungeons and Dragons 4E podca...

Episode 2: A Shakey Convergence

The party meets up under very odd circumstances. Thank you for listening and sharing the Paper Dragons Podcast! We really appreciate your support. You can contact ...

Episode 3: The Coyote Whisperers

After the earthquake, our heroes decide to travel together to Allolam.

Episode 4: Facades Crumble

The team arrives at the Rose and Chime Ranch and discover something dark has happened!

Episode 5: The Bombardiers

Our heroes venture into the forest to find Larrogan Lynell.

Episode 6: Questions and Anecdotes

This is a Q&A episode staring John and Mitch. There is no game play, however we get into character development and a lot of great anecdotes about D&D. The ne...

Episode 7: Age of Legends

Our heroes continue the battle with the bandits in the forest

Episode 8: What's in his Pockets?

Our heroes finish off the fight and continue the hunt for the bandit camp.

Episode 9: The Screaming Gnome

Our heroes head back to Rose and Chime Ranch to confront the sheriff.

Episode 10: Flaming Boomerang

Our heroes search the burnt out ranch and find intriguing information about the Jewel of Mika!

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